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The Fashion Talk

Have you ever tried to juggle with your hairdryer like a crazy clown while getting dressed or having breakfast, or to blend your blush while haphazardly putting random useless stuff into a bag? Well, I’m exactly like that.
You heard right, I’m always that girl who can never keep up with all the things she does and my agenda’s so full that I often end up going to school with wet hair. And, I swear, this happened multiple times, and not just in school.
Given that I will never learn how to be in time and follow a precise schedule, as my neat-freak sister would do, I eventually decided that I was fed up with my wet hair and not so well done make up, and I finally managed to find some tricks for a great, but still fast, beautifying process.
It all started when I was with my friend Isabella, a few months ago, moaning about how long it took sometimes to take a good shower and wash my hair when I was in a rush. “Go mutitask!” she said, and, even though I felt quite confused at first, I then realized how  I could be more clever and learn how to get ready in half of the time. “Why don’t you wake up early?” you may ask, and I can suddenly tell you that I’m not good with plans and I never ever, ever listen to my clock... yeah, I know, it’s just there to make people think I'm a very organised, responsible girl. No, I definitely need to always be late and in a rush... I just can't help it, that's how I like it.
And these are the little tricks that I started to use when I really must storm out of my house for some reason:


There actually are tons of all-in-one products, but (hallo, Camilla!) I realized that you can actually use both shampoo and conditioner together, simply blending the second one only on the edges, and the shampoo on the roots of your hair. Then, you will only have to rinse off all at once.

Now, since the very first times I was trying to wash my hair at eight, my mum’s always taught me the "make your hair wet and then put shampoo on" thing, and that’s how I’ve always done. A few months ago, though, as I was doing some research to learn how not to let your hair get greasy, I found lots of sources saying that shampoo doesn’t need to be applied on wet hair to clean it well, and I actually noticed the difference... so, in addition to its cleaning advantages, applying the shampoo on wet hair may also be a way to cut off some time. 


Never forget it, even tough sometimes it seems the last thing to do when we’re in a rush. If you’re (like me) the kind of girl that doesn’t choose her outfit the day before, I suggest you to choose it after you put on some cream for your face and body, so that you let it absorb.
And then... then we get to the fun part: make up! I always do it when I’m all ready, and I think that is the best choice, but if you happen to be a very messy person pay attention and try not to dirty your clothes. 
Below are some hacks to speed up your make up process:

I recently read on Cosmopolitan that the makeup artist Alexis Day recommended the “Nars Tinted moisturiser in a few interviews, saying it gives a radiant glow and it’s very easy to blend. A CC cream is substantially a BB cream, with the only difference that CC generally stands for “color correcting” and the products are meant to address issues like redness or sallowness, whereas BB creams are like lighter foundation with a little skin care benefits thrown in. The famous makeup artist Nico Guilis said that “CC cream is a color corrector and will be lighter on the skin [than a BB cream]. They have more of a whipped, light, fluffy feel and finish... kind of the new and improved BB"


You can find everywhere mists that instantly prepare your skin for the makeup and also conceal blemishes or red spots. The smash box primer Water is actually a very good one and you can buy and it costs only something around 20 pounds. 


To get curlier lashes, you should warm your mascara before... sometimes, when I don’t have much time I just put it in my bra... yeah, I know; weird, right? But I swear it really works! I also fold them and I strongly suggest you to do that if you don’t already.


Now, personally I don’t do my eyebrowses, so I can’t really say anuthing about this, but I did my research and found out that applying specialized tints or gels  with  a brush can both colour and groom them at once; Cosmopolitan, again, suggests “Benefit Gimme Brow” and “L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Plumper”, and they both costs less then 20 pounds, so they’re affordable as well.


For a lovely cupid's bow when applying lippy, draw an X onto your top lip, apply lip liner around the rest of your lips, and then colour in with lipstick. To make them look fuller, try to use a brown or dark coloured pencil.



A lot of people I met would use the concealer as a BB cream. Once I saw my friend blending it all over her face, and even on her neck, saying “she had so many blemishes”... alright, don’t do that. Concealer is mostly for little spots like pimples or stuff like that and you are supposed to blend it around your nose and chin, and under your eyes if you need it. It doesn’t have to take the place of a foundation! Caroline Barns, Cheryl Fernandez-Versing's makeup artist, suggest to "start with a concealer like Vicky Dermablend Corrective Stick (15 pounds) and use it as you would an eraser, deleting the redness and blemishes". Moreover, instead of wiping along your dark circles, apply it in a triangle under your eye. I also found a video that exactly explains how to do it, so there you go!


I found on Cosmopolitan, a few days ago, the words of Florrie White, a clinique UK colour artist about this: “Apply a soft smudgy eyeliner into the waterline (the bit above your lower lashes, next to your eye), then into the lower lashes, blending to a soft line  underneath. Sharpen the pencil and sweep a line over the top lashes”. To make the best of your eye shadow, intensify the colour of any eyeshadow by putting white eyeshadow/crayon on your eyelid first. If your eyeshadow cracks, which happens so often to me, there’s actually a super easy trick to have a new one, that doesn’t involve spending money. Just wrap it in collophane, smash it and then just add some alchol... I tried and it worked (actually, only the second time, since the first time I basically put way too much alchool I think I killed the eyeshadow). 

And for now, that's all.

Love you all,

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