Monday, 3 August 2015

An innovative catwalk

The Fashion Talk

"You don't learn style from watching people on a runway. Fashion happens every morning when you wake up" wise and beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio states during an interview. I couldn't agree more: fashion is everything, from culture to art to lifestyle... and yes, it happens every minute of our lives. Actually, it IS in everything and every second of our lives.
But still, who doesn't love a good catwalk?
Flashing light, colourful clothes, annoying paparazzi and glamorous guests make the fahion world known for its classy runways, making every fashion lover's heart beat fast with thrill and excitement. But in the fashion industry it's hard to stand out: it's all about people and, depend upon it, people want and need innovative.
The world is growing fast, we live in a fast-forward world and must learn to appreciate it instead of passively criticize it: fashion is evolving with us, there's never only one trend, never one model of the year, never one designer everyone admires. As fashion should be, it's currently more than anytime before a reflection of society. Diversity and innovation is the key, you must be creative and catch the attention of the rich lady on the limo and of the man running down the street and late for work. And, trust me, impressing a constantly impressed world is quite a challenge.
A few days ago, as I kept idling wiping my finger down my Iphone screen checking facebook, I finally found something worthy of my real attention.
Russian designer Jana Nedzvetskaya spiced up her fashion show by catching the audience's attention with an unusual way to a catwalk.
Beautiful models literally dropped into the water with flowy, sweeping dresses looking ridiculously alluring underwater. What I loved the most was the way the models just dropped into the water and didn't  simply dive in. It was unexpected, it caught my interest and made me want to search something  more about that collection.
The fabrics looked absolutely ravishing underwater, bright colours gained a powerful lightness and the bodies of the models looked sinous and feminine while elegantly moving underwater.
Lesson for any designer: be new, do something no one's ever done before. Impress everyone. See your clothes in an intelligent way.


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