Monday, 17 August 2015

FASHION TRENDS: Animalier excess

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Fashion goes in a circle and trends keep coming back and then fading away at the speed of light. 
In the 80's, years of rebellious behaviours and revolutionary desires, the animal print is a big part of fashion, with its reckless audacity. 
After a time where elegance and femininity are the key, in the 70s and 80s a bleaker period for fashion starts: all the ideals of sense of fashion are suddenly overturned. Women start to highlighten their  curves with tight leggings and mini dresses, men get crazy with fancy suits and jackets all printed in animal patterns... that is the chief novelty, THAT is what the youth want, desperately trying to seek more attention than ever with their bold style. And animal prints are apparently bold enough: it can be snake, tiger, leopard... the crazier and more over the top, the better.
And now more than ever in fashion we find ourselves in front of a big battle: bon ton/sixtish feminine 
vs hippie/showoff. 

In 2015 flared trousers come back to life for high couture designers, especially in the mix-and-match version and preferably in leopard or tiger print. If you are that kind of person who loves to seek attention with his outfits, then this is the year for you. 

Indeed next to a more elegant, good-girlish look, a more hippyish and brave one gets a lot of positive feedback in the fashion industry. Prints can be put together in the craziest ways: spots, leopard, stripes, pois... over-the-top is amazing, it looks good in fashion magazines and high fashion runways. Especially leopard prints are coming back, flared trousers with a pair of thick wedges and a tweed coat. 
The absurd love for that out-of-the-standards mix and match culture comes from the 90s at its most extreme boldness, but since high-fashion does not always necessarily look good on the streets or in an average shop, then you can simply soften the whole jungle look with a touch of elegance. 
Since the 60s are always nice to be seen in the fashion industry, even and overall nowadays, a leopard pronted bon ton little dress with a tweed coat, striped if you feel brave enough, can look absolutely great and up to date with the constantly evolving trends and fashion tastes. 
Why not? Leopard, spots, stripes, no rule, all fantasy: sounds perfect, doesn't it?


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