Sunday, 28 December 2014

The perfect dress for every occasion and what colours really mean!

The Fashion Talk

Always feeling like you just  can never find the right dress in your wardrobe, yet so full of clothes?
Well, if your answer's yes, there's a lot I can relate to, and I also happen to have the perfect link to make you happy tonight, girls!
So, I was desperately going through random websites to find the dress that I really wanted, as I was literally plumbing the depths of despair since (how unusual...) I haven't decided what I'm going to wear for the New Year's Eve, yet... always on time, Angel, always on time... But... never give up, every cloud has a silver lining and I eventually found the perfect website and started beaming with joy staring at my laptop, while my mum was wondering what the hell I was so delighted for. "Mum!" I shouted "You won't believe what I just found!" "What?!" she uttered, thinking I had just seen the most incredible thing in the world "Look! I'm gonna buy the perfect dress for the New Year's Eve!!!" "Oh..." she snored, quite disappointed "I thought you were SERIOUS, by looking at you face...." Serious? And isn't that serious enough? Ah, my mum. My mum just doesn't understand... but I'm sure you do and I'm sure you can excuse my moment of excitement and proudness!
It is a site called PickeDresses (, where you can find any kind of dresses for special occasions. And what on earth could ever be more special than the New Year's Eve?!
Christmas is now gone and we, suddenly, once we unwrapped all the presents and managed to digest all the crazy amount of food our grannies forced us to eat, find ourselves right in front of the most shimmering night of the year! And all surrounded by friends, fun, light, champagne and dashing fireworks, we must be dressed in a way that can reflect what New Year's Eve really is, namely the very last night of a year, literally the end of 2014... and for such a special occasion, everything is permitted is terms of style, from rhinestones and paillettes to shimmering, shiny and precious colours and patterns to embellish ourselves and make us feel as radiant as we'll ever be.
But my happiness suddenly turned into awareness, sadly awareness of the fact that, in two days, I probably wouldn't make it to a party with my new dress ordered on the internet, right? Again, I can really be such an idiot, sometimes! 
Anyways, I'm pretty sure that the site I found will be perfect for many other special occasions, and that's why I decided to post the link... we are all very lazy nowadays, and nothing's better that getting what we want without even moving a finger, right from our very cozy sofas or beds!
Now, given that the dresses on Pickedresses are a staggering, I suggest you to do a research based on the colour that you want your dress to be of. Everything's good for the 31st, but, still, what you're gonna wear will tell a few things about your personality or, if you happen to be not very spontaneous or impulsive, it will make people misunderstand your personality, which is never good... so, let's just have a look to what I found out with my research, so that we can pick the perfect dress for the perfect night...

What do colours
really tell us?!?


A-line Sweetheart Asymmetrical 

Chiffon Beading Prom Dresses 

Ah, blue, blue... can't you hear the tranquillity the name gives? Or is it just me? "The serene shade soothes the person and makes the people around her fleet ease" before you think I'm crazy or just trying to be funny, these are the words of the experts at the University of British Columbia. Incredible, righnd Joe Lupo, co-owner of Visual Therapy, said that "Midnight hues win at job interviews, while lighter shades make party guests feel comfortable in your presence" 



Sheath/Column Off-the-shoulder 

Short/Mini Ruffles 

Love, passion... I can feel it by just looking at it sometimes, can't you!?    And don't worry, you're not the only one who thinks that wearing red lingerie for you boyfriend could make a difference, since someone else agrees... some else with quite a deep knowledge in the field: in fact, psychologists at the University of Rochester discovered that men are more attracted to women who are wearing the "ruby hue". Here's what Abby Calish, professor at the Medical School of Eastern Virginia, said: "Red is a stimulant for men; it boosts arousal and makes them want to chase". So, if you are having some sweet time and celebrate with someone who's likely more than a friend, you may want to make red be your choice.


A-line Sweetheart Short/Mini Tulle Beading Prom Dresses 

Black is dark (wow, how original) and sharp, we can all see that, but when it comes to giving a scientific explanation, university studies come to the rescue, and they tell us that "donning the dark colour can make other people see you more powerful than you actually look". And there we go, we have our beloved Lupo again, ready to give us precious advice: "If you want to take the edge off, choose something with a bit of embellishment, like lace of ruffles".

Sheath/Column Scoop Short/Mini Tulle Appliques Prom Dresses


The white's always been a symbol of purity, wholeness and completion; it is the colour of perfection without a shadow of a doubt. In colour psychology, it means new beginnings; this is because white isn't thought to stimulate the senses, thereby it opens the way for anything the mind can conceive. Wearing a white dress also gives elegance to the person... and, while in America and Europe white has such positives meaning, I'll now tell you that in Japan white carnations mean death... well, our culture certainly is a bit difference, but we still want to embrace their point of view, don't we?


Again, Lupo has something to say about that: "this regal shade draws out the creative artist within. Plus, because it's one of those colours that people either love or hate, wearing it sends the message that you're a self-assured free thinker". And this made me really happy, given that my whole bedroom is all, all, completely purple! And I would also suggest you, for a cheeky, chic look, to pair purple with brown or gray... it always looks awesome, especially in the winter.

A-line Sweetheart Short/Mini Elastic Woven Satin Beading Prom Dresses 

Trumpet/Mermaid Straps Floor-length Chiffon Beading Prom Dresses 


Green, we all can see and feel that, puts us all in a good mood, but it's not just a random idea or impression we haphazardly came up with: according to the "Vrije Universities" in Amsterdam, the vibe of the green stems from its connection to nature "It instantly brings about feelings of peace and contentment" says the executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute.

A-line Sweetheart Asymmetrical Chiffon Appliques Prom Dresses 


There we go, pink is the perfect girly-girl's colour (not me, I honestly kind of hate it), but it also is the perfect combination between romance and happiness, so, let's say, red and green! Pink is also very calming it is suggested either for a date or for anytime that you feel like you need a boost or you must spice up your day.


One shoulder Chiffon floor-lenght
orange rhinestone Prom dress

Orange is exuberant and, as David Zyla, author of colour your style, says "Because it's enthusiastic and inviting, you should wear it when you want to appear social, friendly or approachable". Probably, though, not everyone is brave enough to go for an orange dress, thereby a nice idea could be a belt, a pair of shoes, or even some simple accessories or hair ties.Orange is exuberant and, as Davidugh to go for an orange dress, thereby a nice idea could be a belt, a pair of shoes, or even some simple accessories or hair ties.

And that's all for tonight, now I'd better start sleeping, tomorrow I'm having quite an early night... I hope that this website with make you as happy as it made me!
Have a great night,

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Haircare tips ❤️

The Fashion Talk

Lately, I've been struggling a bit with hair growth, and I'm sure a lot of you could easily relate: everytime my hair was almost long till my waist and I was jumping all over my room with excitement, my hairstylist would say: "Hhmm, shall we cut it?" and look at me with a disgusted and kind of grossed out look. "Just a little?? Like, really, just a LITTLE" I'd say, aware of the hairstylists' willing to do all the opposite you want them to do, and hoping to be clear enough. And then he would look at me like "Hey, girl, trust me: we must cut it". How annoying, right?  
Don't cut my hair!
I then kind of started to wonder why my friend and schoolmate used a straightener every day and still had her lovely reddish hair nice and smooth till her belly button, and I, yet so careful and caring, couldn't make it grow as much as I wanted to. 
And that's when my research started, and I swear the tricks I'm going to tell you in a minute really worked on my hair and I could really see the difference in even just a few months.

So, first thing, you want you hair to be nice and strong, so you must be careful... ladies, I think we all know that already: it's so boring to be a girl and it takes up time... and space in our bedrooms and wallets, as well, if you know what I mean. And it's always such a struggle to grow your hair long and healthy while still using heat on it, since sometimes it seems impossible or at least a bit of a challenge to be able to put down the straightener and curling iron. So, below are a few ways to keep hair healthy while still using hot tools:


Believe it or not, water hydrates anything and makes everything looks better, from our thighs to our hair, so try to drink a bit more, it is super healthy for our whole body, in general.


Don't ever wash you hair too often, since it can cause the lack of necessary oils on your scalp, even though, as my hairstylist said, if we have some kind of greasiness issue it's better to keep it clean then to leave it dirty all the time. Anyway, the perfect schedule would be washing your hair every 3rd day or when you do some dusty or dirty activity, such as going to the gym or work out. Regular washing is very beneficial for keeping the scalp clean, because the dirt can clog the follicles up (how professional do I sound, uh?!).
Moreover, sometimes the use of formulated specific products can also increase the rate of hair growth by feeding hair with the right nutrients, so girls... pay attention when you choose your shampoo or conditioner! 


So, this was a kind of discovery for me and it pretty much changed my life, as I was always using my brush after I had put on conditioner. WRONG! Do not ever do that. You wet hair isn't as strong as when it's dry and if you do it when it's still wet, it will make your hair snag, causing breakage and split ends, which we don't particularly like, right? I strongly suggest you to finger comb your hair or spray in a detangler and comb it with a wide tooth comb; also, the "tangle teezer" is a super cool kind of brush that does not snag or damage your hair, and still kill every single tangle. So, I'm leaving you the link of the official site, in case you were interested: tangleteezer. com

In my opinion, this year Herbal Essence
killed it, talking about cheap and quite
famous brands

Well, firstly you should know that, since shampoo lathers, any kind will strip your hair of its natural oils, whereas conditioner leaves some sort of residue in your hair, so it's better to get one that smells good and has good reviews. Now, here are some advice to use it properly: always try to keep it about 4 inches (about 8 centimetres I think) away from your roots; not doing so may make your hair look greasy, so be careful. Always leave any conditioner on for at least two minutes and a half and it will clearly add shine and moisture, no matter what the bottle says. Little cheeky and super useful tip: add some lemon juice and rinse out with cold water to get a shiny, glossy effect. 


Now, I've gotten this wrong all my life, until my hairstylist told me. In a nutshell, sparing you all the scientific explanation, cold water leaves your hair silky and smooth, whereas hot water will make it look much fizzier. On the other hand, I know how painful it can be to wait for an agonising death under freezing water during a very cold winter night, so I don't really follow this tip everytime during the winter, but still, do it as much as you can, and try to be brave :)


Some girls are so terrified to get their hair cut, and I'm exactly like that, too, but if you don't trim your split ends, they will go higher and higher, till they break; therefore, you must trim them about every four months, but it obviously depends on your hair, so some people may need to cut them a bit less, some a bit more often... just ask your hairdresser. 

Now, girls, this really changed my life, too! Vitamins keep our nails, skin and hair healthy and if you start taking them, you will probably see a difference in your hair growth. They're not expensive and you can find them anywhere... try them!


Don't be silly and think that only salad will make you look skinny and cool, because proteins are what really make us fit, healthy and beautiful, and if you are vegan or vegetarian, go for legumes or plants, if not try to eat meat, fish and eggs too... in the long run, this is probably the best choice anyway, and not only for you hair
Lately, I've been quite happy with GLISS, but
whatever you have will be good


Everytime you use hot tools such as curling irons, crimpers, dryers or straighteners, use a protectant spray or lotion, you will see the difference in the long run 


Every now and then, do this simple, natural mask: 2 eggs yolks, one table spoon of honey and one table spoon of oil... mix them all together and leave them on your hair for about 15 minutes, then rinse it out very well with cold water... they'll be softer and, in the long run, healthier too. And, guess what, if they're healthier... the also grow faster! Yay!

Last but not the least (definitely not), there is a product, which I haven't personally tried, which I've been told works very well; it's called HAIR BURST and I'm just going to leave you the link, so that you can check it out... they're vitamins for healthy hair growth... it basically makes you hair grow like crazy, in a nutshell!
Anyways, hope these little tips helped, they really did for me... they're very easy, but still we tend to forget how to really take hair of our beloved hair. Love and kisses and... good luck with your hair!

Have a good day (or night) everyone,


Getting started!

The Fashion Talk

Hallo you lovely people! 
My name is Camilla, I'm 17, I live in a tiny little city called Lucca, near Florence.
As you can see, this is my very first blog post... ahhh, how exciting!!! I've been wanting to start writing one for a long time, but didn't really take my desire too seriously. I recently went to London for a fashipon journalism course and that was when I realised I should seriously start writing something on a blog. I thought my first post should be a kind of introduction to let you know me better, since I think writing is something so beautiful and personal, something which you can definetely read through to understand someone's personality. "Words are the writer's mirror" my teacher used to tell me when I was around six, at that age when you are still trying to understand what you love. The only thing I was sure about was my creativity. I mean, how wonderful is it to create your own world through a story? That's why I always loved writing: it makes me feel free and powerful, like no one can stop me from building my own world full of characters and magic.
I think I started killing my poor, little, wrecked fingers when I was around seven or something... I said "wrecked" not to overact, but because they literally were, since I used to be so stubborn about always and unconditionally writing everything in pencil. The first thing I wrote on a piece of paper, I remeber, was a delicate little story about a ballerina wanting to fly away and dance in ste sky, light and free. It was lovely written for a kid. The third of fourth thing I wrote, instead, was a silly story about two friends, something my parents didn't really care about, something I would prodly tell everyone about, still without any positive feedback on the plot... something that now, after six years, is a published book. My experience taught me that anything can be possible if you have good faith and passion to guide you. 

And, yeah, that's me at probably six, maybe seven, so happily writing my first "book", if you like,  or just a random bunch of cheesy, not original fairy tails, but... at least, I tried :)
Me again, being such a concentrated professional
So, my love for writing is the main reason why I decided to start off a blog and to share my thoughts or experience pretty much on anything to everyone who's interested (which means I'm hoping many people ahah). I would like to remain focus on fashion on this, because that's been one of my biggest passions for quite a long time. I didn't know it was clothes, at first, I thought it was just art. But as I was growing up I understood that fashion is nothing but pure art, a powerful way of expressing yourself through clothes. I started to feel fascinated by the alluring world of clothing, I endevoured to read as much as I could about fashion history and then suddenly my dad enlighten me: try fashion journalism. And that's how I fell in love with my now dream job.
The thing is, though, most people don't understand fashion: it is not about talking about the latest trend or showing off your "today's outfit"... at least, not only about that. ThereĊ› certainly more: there's art, psychology, history, beauty (inner as well), hair, lifestyle and culture. And that's how the thought came to mind... why don't I start writing about that? 
Moreover, this summer I had the most cool, dazzling, exciting time of my life (over the top?!?!? Maybe) and, before you even start wondering why this crazy girl's telling you about this, I'll let you know the reason why: I went to London for a short, but still oh-so-cool, super desired journalism stage in the University I want to get in so bad, as I finish high school (which I'm unfortunately still in), namely the UAL (University of Arts). Can explain how happy it made me feel to understand more about fashion industry!

Sorry, I just probably said way too random stuff, but that was just to let you know how obsessed with fashion I am, together with lifestyle, travelling and art in general... well, now that you know something about me and my very new awesome (I hope) blog, I think I've said enough and I'll probably start writing some actual blog posts!
I just really hope that you guys enjoy what I write.