Thursday, 13 August 2015

Fashion in gorgeous Moscow

The Fashion Talk

Elegant, charming, spacious and beautiful. If I was asked to describe Moscow with a couple words, these are the only ones I would use. Hands down, the Russian capital was one of the most fascinating cities I've ever visited. Apart from alluring landmarks and that habitual sightseeing that good tourists are always supposed to do, I mostly got excited for life and fashion in the streets. What I loved about Moscow were all of those things that you don't get to learn in schools, those things that academic books won't tell you of.
Cafes, restaurants and both traditional and international shops scattered in airy beautiful streets all around the city make it even more pleasant and walking around elegant and historic metro stations is priceless. The culture, I've always thought, is the most fascinating and interesting thing you can ever hope to learn of a population.
As an aspirant journalist, I've always found it enticing and fascinating to just sit down for a while and look at the constant flow of people in the street. I's wonderful to see everyone in a different mood, walking with a different pace or wearing something that catches your eye. 
By looking at people, what I understood about Russian fashion is that Russian women don't joke around: they dress up, constantly. Even if it's just for a coffe, you'll see those beautiful tall women elegantly walk down the streets with stilettos and a dress, with a pair of tight leather jeans and a silk blouse... no matter what's the occasione, Russian fashion is shimmering, elegant and brave. High fashion and garments are courageously worn on the streets so casually that you feel like they're wearing a tracksuit. Frankly, I had never seen such elegance clothing-wide in any other city.
Plus, you can't walk even forty meters before you see a Trussardi or Bulgari shop. I once decided to go in a shopping centre... I think I had never seen such expensive brands all together in one floor: Pucci, Prada, Versace, Gucci and so on. The funny thing, a lot of people were there to buy and the lowest price I found was probably around two thousand euros for a summery little dress. That was the  equivalent of a Chinese market shirt for me, I guess. 

In a city that would continuously impress me as I was walking down some of the major streets of Moscow, a window in particular caught my attention. I saw a fairytale-kind dress, with a sweeping long skirt and and a fitted bodice... I fell in love, since I've always been a big fan of feminine and elegant dresses, and even a little edgy and lavish sometimes is not bad to look at. The fashion house is called Igor Gulyaev, I had never heard of him before but his fashion house opened recently, in 2009 and inside the shop I was told that it was the fur that made the brand so successful in his first collection. The elegance of his last one especially is breathtaking, every dress is created with attentive care to search the perfect materials and his clothes really bring us back to a time where women were celebrated for their soft features and curves, to that time between the forties and fifties, to the New Look, when fashion for women was all about dresses. Have a look at the link, I think I fell in love like I have rarely before with this designer's peculiar style.

Loved Moscow, loved its fashion, loved Igor most of all :D
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