Monday, 20 July 2015

Punk Luxe in high fashion

The Fashion Talk

Ripped clothes, safety pins, spikes and a provocative manner: fashion was never a means of rebellion as much as in the seventies for the working class youths.
A battle versus the upper society, kindling with the desire of destroying the ideals of the bourgeois, was the chief motive for Punk Luxe to burst. Since the young and rebellious working class thought theirselves alienated, alien they decided to look like, using fashion as a powerful way to impose their personality and dissatisfaction.
Ironically born to fight against conformism, globalisation and brands, the Punk Luxe is now glorified and rather glamorized on red carpets and high fashion catwalks. Its wide commercial success last emerged in 2010; after five years punk elements are still widely used to create couture looks with a little extra attitude.
The punk luxe as a high fashion style never allows daring elements to completely take over, but with a little balance and discipline those edgy items can be mixed and paired with more classy garments.

Versace’s safety pinned dress worn by actress Elisabeth Hurley is famous for its elegant yet edgy and risky appearance. People seem to like it, it gives attitude and energy to a classy look and softens it up. This black dress became so popular that it is often referred to as "THAT dress".  It's 2014, Elisabeth is accompanying Hugh Grant to the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral, in a dress made of lycra and silk, held together by oversized gold safety pins. The dress is perhaps Versace's best-known creation, clearly recalling the Punk Luxe golden age with a touch of elegance.

Most noticeably are then Balmain’s skin tight ripped jeans and studded leather bags, Jean Paul Gaultier’s tartan and PVC, or the skull scarves and bondage undertones of Alexander Mcqueen.
Creative, provocative and rebellious are now the adjectives used to critique the punk luxe style on catwalks, appreciating that bit of edginess and aggressiveness added to high fashion looks.


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