Sunday, 10 May 2015


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Good morning, you beautiful human being! I have very sweet good news for you today, or bad, depending on how your love life is going right now!
Have you ever waken up to someone you felt truly loved and secure with? You know that feeling of butterflies in your stomach and thrill running through your body knowing that that one person is soon going to wake up and stare deeply into your eyes beaming at you?
Ah, isn't it the best feeling ever for us romantic women? 
Science, that is usually all the opposite of feelings and emotions, this time actually explains why sleeping next to someone else can be absolutely good for your health and lifestyle.

I'm sorry I have to say this, but there's an actual reason why your single self is waking up miserable sometimes, especially after a sad break up... well, ladies, we need to find a partner, no excuses! Apparently, science said this and this is probably going to be my next pick up line (of course, I'm joking... I usually try not to be this lame ahah).

But let's go straight to the point here: according to collective research by Andrea Petersen in the Wall Street Journal (Link here), sleeping in the same bed with your parter provides health befits, added to the emotional pattern of course.
Some scientists in fact hypothesize that an intimate relationship can help us being in better health and live longer that a singleton living his life with pessimism and insecurity.

Previous findings told us that women actually tend to sleep less and move more when sharing the sheets with someone else, but the new studies seem to challenge all of this.

"The psychological befits we get having closeness at night trump the objective costs of sleeping with a partner" says indeed Wendy Trowel, professor of psychiatry and psychology at the University of Pittsburgh. Moreover, you may very well know or that feeling of safety and security you get when sleeping with someone you really care about (which doesn't mean it necessarily has to be a lover), right? Well, that agreeable empathy is thought to lower your levels of cortisol, a hormone causing stress. If your wound up, in a n nutshell, start sharing your sheets with someone you love or really care about... that may works, at least as scholars say! 
"Sharing a bed may also reduce cytokines, involved in inflammation, and boost oxytocin, the so-called love hormone that is known to ease anxiety and is produced in the same part of the brain responsible for the sleep-wake cycle": these are the very professional suggestions of the Wall Street Journal.

If you suffer from anxiety especially, as I do too, you should try to boost your love life up with a bit of cuddles, which, let's be honest, even sturdy, manly, cold real man secretly love. 
But studies went even further... if we slept naked, psychologists say, we would develop a sense of closeness and intimacy to strengthen our relationships (Link here), and this is also quite intuitive and easy to realize when you snuggle with someone you love. With cuddles and nude nights, women are thought to fall asleep faster and reduce the annoying wake-up-every-hour cycle.
Also, a poll of 1000 Brits shows that 57 percent of couples sleeping naked claim to be happier (Link here)!
So, ladies, let's just say that now we have a really brilliant and smart excuse to convince our man to sweeten your nights with a bit of warm cuddle-time.
Have a lovely Sunday everyone, be relaxed, sleep naked and snuggle,
lots of love


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